In the summer of 2019, I spent two months studying abroad in Cortona, Italy. I took three classes, two in landscape architecture and one in book arts. My landscape architecture studio focused on two projects: a redesign for Piazza Garibaldi, the piazza before entering Cortona and a redesign for the Camucia-Cortona train station. The other landscape architecture class focused on drawing and sketching.
Photos of my Cortona experience can be found
at the following instagram page, Kelsey Under the Tuscan Sun.
Below are process sketches for the Camucia-Cortona redesign.
In the drawing and sketching course, we were tasked to focus on light and shadows through drawing statues and objects found in the garden. We were given a brown sheet of paper to use the paper as a middle tone.
Each week, students were also asked to turn in a postcard sized watercolor. You'll see three below in an accordion-style book. Below is also an array of books representing the different styles of binding I learned in my book arts class.
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